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Gary Hill of Elgee Words and Pictures is a CAMS accredited photographer who has been photographing and writing about motorsport for almost twenty years for various teams, magazines and newspapers. Elgee has covered everything from F1 and Indy Cars to hillclimbs and off road racing both in Australia and Europe, as well as travel articles, car tests and reviews for various magazines.

Look for our race reports and photos every Wednesday in Auto Action while Mini enthusiasts can find our articles in The BMC Experience (Formerly The Mini Experience). Other publications include RACE, Dirtcomp, The Oily Rag, Vintage Racecar and Just Holdens. We also supply photos to various club magazines.

Elgee can supply photos taken at race tracks or can arrange a portrait of you and your car at a location to suit you. Photos are supplied on disc as well as professionally printed enlargements.For more information call Gary Hill on 0429 802 210 or email  ewp100@bigpond.com

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